Nipsey Hussle's brother, Sam Asghedom AKA Blacc Sam, was a major part of the Celebration of Life that took place earlier this year. His brother Ermias was laid to rest and thousands of fans, friends, and family members showed out to support him and his legacy. We're still processing his loss but nobody is feeling it more than Nip's loved ones. He is survived by his siblings, his parents, his girlfriend Lauren London and his two children. There have been many reports about the custody situation regarding young Emani, Nip's daughter, with his brother and sister fighting for custody instead of Emani's mother. It looks like Blacc Sam may find himself in court for an unrelated issue now because he is reportedly being sued for $1,500 after damaging a gas pump when he drove off with the nozzle still attached to his car.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

According to The Blast, Asghedom is being accused of failing to pay after he allegedly drove away with a gas pump still in his vehicle. The lawsuit has been filed by Dalla Inc, a company that operates a 76 gas station in Sherman Oaks. The extent of the damage is unclear but it was apparently enough for Dalla to take things to court. 

The incident reportedly occurred sometime within the last thirty days. Have you ever accidentally driven off with the hose still attached to your car?