Over the weekend, the Grammy-nominated Nipsey Hussle found himself involved in a massive brawl, which culminated in a taser going off. A few days later, TMZ caught up with Nip as he was leaving LAX, and proceeded to ask him about the fight. Off top, Nipsey seems eager to deflect the question, encouraging those curious minds to go explore Victory Lap instead.

Sensing a brick wall, the cameraman rephrases the question, asking whether haters are simply attracted by those on winning streaks. "I'm focused on the album, I'm focused on music, I'm focused on working bro," explains Nipsey. "We ain't giving energy into pettiness B.S." He does, however, reiterate that such roadblocks merit no mind, especially when one has work to do. "I forgot about it," says Nipsey. "Whatever you talking about, we forgot. We working on music at this point."

"Do I got any bruises or scratches?" says Nipsey, with a smirk. "We working, bro. It's about the music. It's about the enterprise we're trying to build. About All Money In, about Marathon Clothing, about the Marathon Store, about Victory Lap. It's progress. That's all we thinking about."