Desus and Mero are quickly ballooning to Zeppelin levels of brand strength. Yesterday, Nipsey Hussle sat down with the talk-show mavericks to discuss a slew of things during the interview portion of their VICELAND original.

Nipsey outlined his creative process by stating that he didn't have a desire for structure in the studio. for example, laying down bars is a feeling out process that works on a beat by beat basis. He did however stress the importance of smoking marijuana. Marijuana, without reproach has the effect of stimulating racing thoughts or helping individuals move outside the limitations of language.

Nipsey also took a moment to pay homage to his influences, namely Snoop Dogg, DJ Quik and Daz Dillinger and recounted the period in which the West Coast was left unattended. The Game, the region's most prominent voice at the time, took a bunch of LA rappers with him on a tour of 52 cities in 55 days. Those were the salad days. He also recounted the time The Game slid into Crenshaw solo with a pistol on his lap, Nipsey handed him his tape and the rest is history. 

Victory Lap is out now. Support your West Coast Hip Hop at all costs & peep the rest of the interview below.