The press circuit is in full swing. After adding his debut to the hip-hop canon, Nipsey Hussle continues to make the rounds. After chopping it up with the good folks over at The Breakfast Club, Nip caught up with Funkmaster Flex to break from the norm and deliver a freestyle. While he's more known for his honest and inspiration depictions of Los Angeles street culture, Nip still manages to hold it down with a respectable effort. Truth be told, the mic is still singed from when Black Thought wreaked havoc; his presence may never leave the Hot 97 studio. 

Over a minimalist Nas instrumental, Nipsey delivers solid verses for nearly five minutes. "Promote the game, live and die for my broady chain," spits Nips. "Rich, gangbanger music I know my lane, curb serving off the corner with the protoge, I pop the trunk and I'm manifesting my mogul ways." If you lack interest in West Coast gang culture, Nipsey's demeanor may not be for you. Yet it's clear that he lives and breathes OG status, coming through as a role model and purveyor of dreams for gangland youth.

The mere fact that he dropped his debut album at the age of thirty-two is a testament to his importance as an authority in the game. Enlisting the likes of Diddy, Kendrick Lamar, and CeeLo Green, Victory Lap lives up to its triumphant title.