It looks like Nipsey Hussle is finally gearing up to release Victory Lap, for real, for real. The rapper capped off his #MarathonMondays series with his Slauson Boy 2 compilation today, and used the opportunity to announce a brand new #Proud2Pay campaign centered around Victory Lap (although he doesn't say much in the way of album details, if that's what you're hoping for).

Taking to his website, Nipsey Hussle posted a message to his fans detailing what to expect from his latest #Proud2Pay campaign, or rather, a slight twist on the #Proud2Pay with #Proud2PayUBac. Nipsey reveals that he plans to take the first five fans who supported his Crenshaw album and the first five fans who supported his Mailbox Money album on a guided tour of the spots that influenced and inspired Victory Lap. Nipsey will not only be their tour guide, but play the album for them personally and narrate as necessary. Dope idea?

Check out what he had to say in full below. No word yet on a release date for Victory Lap, but stay tuned.

Over the years of me making and releasing music, I’ve been blessed to have a relationship with thousands, if not millions of people. There has been 8 recording processes, 8 buzz building processes, and 8 release dates. There has been 8 review processes and 8 opportunities for me to learn and pickup on what’s connecting with the people who consume this music.

The most consistent and common denominator in the music of mines that truly “CONNECTED” has been when the source material for the content…was MY PERSONAL LIFE EXPERIENCE.

When the words become an attempt to articulate truths that have no vocabulary…truths that express themselves in the form of emotional frequency…not words…then the people connected.

I think this because there was a place where these things happened…there was a smell…there was a feeling…even a taste sometimes…like when the tension got so intense it turned into nausea and you got that salty…”I’m bout to throw up” taste in your mouth. Those thoughts and emotions can be relived if they are verbally expressed properly. That’s what I aimed to create for my listeners with VICTORY LAP.

That being said, I’m going to bring the 1st 5 supporters of the Crenshaw PROUD2PAY campaign and the 1st 5 supporters of the Mailbox Money PROUD2PAY campaign on a guided tour through the places and situations that VICTORY LAP was inspired by to serve as an attempt to recreate musically.

I will personally play the album and narrate and elaborate on key songs and lines. We will physically visit the locations being referenced on the album to put our feet on the ground, breath the air, taste the food, and feel climate. While we listen to the music, we will create what we coined as an:

“Intimate Multi-Sensory Music Experience”

Almost like a real life directors cut of a film.

Thank you for all the feedback and years of honest convos. You give me the answers and motivation I need to keep going and keep growing. I hope I do the same for u. #PROUD2PAYUBACK!