Nipsey Hussle turned a lot of heads (Jay Z's included) when he decided to sell physical copies of his Crenshaw mixtape at $100 a piece last week, but his success at doing so turned out to be the most surprising part. The LA rapper spoke with MTV about the strategy, as well as his feelings on the current state of the music business.

"I feel like the major labels—I'm not gonna say all of them, but as a whole—that business model is a failing and dying business model," said Nipsey, who decided to take a new approach after experiencing frustrations with the industry.

Hussle then revealed that while his next project likely won't have the exact same type of release, he'll continue to look for new ways to distribute his music.

"I can't say off top, I know I'm going to continue to pay attention to the game and I'm not going to follow what was done," said the rapper. "It isn't the price of the plastic case and polyurethane disc–it's the price of revolution! The price of rebellion against an industry that has tricked us all into making products that have no soul for fear of not being heard if we don't."

Watch the full interview below.