Nipsey Hussle made an appearance on The Breakfast Club, where he talked at length about his Proud2Pay $100 album campaign. We've heard him speak about the Crenshaw mixtape in several interviews now, but Nipsey reveals with Power 105 that he'll be using the same campaign for his next album, which is slated to be Victory Lap.

TM3: Victory Lap was initially a mixtape, and when it turned into an album, Nipsey used the throwaway tracks to create Crenshaw. However, now it appears you'll still be able to cop Victory Lap for free, if you so choose, that is. Nipsey explains he'll be offering three options when it comes to downloading his album.

"We going to do it traditionally through physical retail and iTunes," Nipsey said during the interview. "But then we gon' do a Proud2Pay campaign like we did for this one, and then we gunna offer it for free also, we gunna offer the album for free so if you wanna download it free you could, 'cause it's still gunna be free regardless whether I offer it or not, somebody gunna leak it, it's gunna be available. I'ma just keep it 100 with the people, it's gunna be free if you don't wanna pay for it, if you wanna pay for it we gunna have a Proud2Pay product that goes along with it, and if you wanna go to iTunes Best Buy or Target you can do that too.

Nipsey also talks about his search for a record deal, which Rick Ross attempted to help him in, however nothing worked out. Check out the full interview below.