They don't call him Hussle for nothing. Despite Nipsey's choice to release his latest project for free online, physical copies of the Crenshaw mixtape are apparently still a hot item.

When Nipsey announced that he would be selling hard copies of the tape at $100 a piece, there was definitely some skepticism from fans, but according to the rapper, he's already sold all 1,000 copies at this price, earning him a cool $100,000 in one day!

The L.A. rapper hosted a pop-up shop in his hometown today, pawning off signed CDs, as well as merch such as T-shirts and sweaters. He took to twitter later to announce his profit.

After the success of the first thousand, Nipsey has now made the project available to purchase through The signed CDs are still priced at $100.

Stream and download Crenshaw (for free) below.