Crenshaw rapper Nipsey Hussle claims to have been arrested earlier today. He was able to post a picture to his Instagram at some point around the time of the arrest, and he revealed to his followers that police had cuffed him but had forgotten to confiscate his phone, thus allowing him to snap a quick selfie. The nature of the arrest is still unknown, as are Nipsey's current whereabouts. 

"Cuffed me but forgot my phone lol," wrote Nipsey in the caption of the photo taken during his arrest. Who knows how he was able to take the pic, especially if he was in handcuffs at the time, but it's an impressive effort and an intelligent way of alerting his fans and loved ones about his current predicament. Judging by his caption, it doesn't seem that Nipsey is too distressed about being put in handcuffs, which hopefully implies that the potential charges he faces aren't too serious. 

Coincidentally (or perhaps not), earlier today -- before the arrest, Nipsey went on Facebook to post an inflammatory picture of himself next to a cop car, which his right hand can be seen leaning against. Not accidentally, his middle finger is extended. "Fucc em," he captioned the picture. 

As XXL points out, Nipsey's latest track, "Picture Me Rollin," released on Monday, eerily foreshadowed today's arrest. “Picture me rollin’ / With my friends not worried / Then we get stopped by the police / Gotta make it home to my baby / Cause they say snitch gon’ crazy,” sings Kent Jamz of the group OverDoz on the "Picture Me Rollin" chorus. Listen to the track here

We'll update you on Nipsey's situation as soon as details become available. Hopefully he'll soon be out of police custody and back in the studio working on his long-awaited Victory Lap album.