For fans that are unable to attend Nipsey Hussle's memorial service or line up for his 25-mile procession through the streets of Los Angeles, The Blast reports that they will be able to purchase flowers that will be delivered to the rapper's gravesite. Following the memorial service that is set to take place at the Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles at 10:00 a.m. PST, Nipsey's casket will be driven around L.A. before he is taken to his burial site at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park Hollywood Hills. 

Officials at Forest Lawn have informed The Blast that mourners and those that wish to pay their respects can send flower arrangements to Nipsey's gravesite by contacting their flower shop. For those who wish to visit and leave items on his gravesite, Forest Lawn has strict rules. "Please feel free to place fresh-cut flowers at any of our Memorial-Park locations," they wrote on their website.

"Artificial flowers may be placed in our Coachella Valley locations due to the extremes in weather," they continued. "You may also place potted plants smaller than one gallon in volume or 8 inches in diameter, but they must be placed on tablets or in ground vases to protect the grass. Please limit to 3 placements per space. Cut flowers will be removed in approximately 5 days, or when they become wilted. Funeral flowers will be removed in approximately 3 days, or when they become wilted. Items that are not allowed (such as artificial flowers, balloons, spinners, stones, etc.) will be removed." Basically, don't disobey the rules or everything you leave will just become trash by the end of the day.

While the cemetery is public and people are able to visit other famous names' gravesites including Lucille Ball, Brittany Murphy, Lou Rawls, David Carradine, Bette Davis, and more, there hasn't been a word on whether or not Nipsey's family will make his exact location known to the public. His memorial will also be streamed live on BET.