Nipsey Hussle stopped by Larry King Now to discuss an NFL rule banning the use of the N-Word from the league. Joined by Ryan Ford (Cashmere Agency's Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer), Jimmie Lee Solomon (former MLB executive), Chester Pitts (former NFL player) and, of course, host Larry King, the west coast rapper expressed his feelings on the word's usage, if anyone has a right to use it and when the usage is appropriate. For his part, Hussle argues that "nigga" and "nigger" are mutually exclusive terms; the latter being offensive and the former a term of endearment.

The NFL controversy, while unrelated, comes on the heels on a recent video leak depicting a five-year-old clip of Justin Bieber using the word in the context of a racial joke, demonstrating the word's continued use in popular culture.

What are your thoughts on the use of the N-Word? Check out this hilarious and thoughtful clip from Louis CK for another interesting perspective.