Nipsey Hussle is pretty good at staying out of trouble, it's not often you'll hear about the rapper on the wrong side of the law these days. Instead his focus has been on business, from his All Money In company to his inventive marketing strategies. The business moves have definitely been paying off for Nip, as he was strong enough to make it onto Forbes' Hip-Hop Cash Princes list, without even having dropped his highly anticipated debut album Victory Lap.

Nonetheless there are always unforeseen bumps in the road. The reports yesterday stated that Nip was, first of all, driving (he was not), and, second of all, was illegally in possession of promethazine codeine, which is also false. He was arrested for the fact that he had an outstanding traffic warrant, and while he was in possession of syrup at the time, it was due to severe strep throat Nip had developed from the constant touring, and thus it had been prescribed by a doctor.

Nipsey's lawyer, Mark Bledstein, released the following statement to HNHH, clarifying his client's arrest:

"My client, Ermias Asghedom, has a severe strep throat condition from performing multiple shows monthly and was prescribed cough syrup as a remedy. He is currently in the final stages of the recording process of his new album Victory Lap, and couldn't project his voice without treatment. The night of his arrest we was not driving but parked in front of a recording studio in Burbank when he was approached by the police. He willingly allowed the officers to search his car and told them where the cough syrup was. After running his name they found an outstanding traffic warrant that he was taken into custody for and cited out for later that night. I have contacted the courts and began the exoneration process for the cough syrup simply by providing his prescription. He is doing great and excited about his upcoming album release."

Apart from the fact that Nip is innocent, the main thing we took from this: Victory Lap is in its final stages (!).