Nipsey Hussle continues to go on the offensive after a week that saw him spend a night in jail last Monday. Apparently, law enforcement didn't take kindly to the Los Angeles native parking in a handicapped spot. However, despite this unsavory run-in with the police, Nipsey took to social media earlier today to express his frustration with the state of another industry that hasn't ordinarily been kind to citizens who don't abide by the law: commercial radio. 

In the short video, which made its way onto Instagram, the rapper expresses his disappointment that big stations, such as Hot 97, Power 106 and more aren't doing their part to call out the current President Donald Trump for his controversial comments and actions, especially since the Charlottesville protest that left an innocent woman dead as a result of a White Nationalist march. Specifically, he names YG's incendiary anthem "F**k Donald Trump" as a song that radio stations are particularly scared of playing, presumably for fear of push back from the White House or a member of the Commander in Chief's staff. "Y'all n****s supposed to stand up. F**k this n****. Play that record. Make that motherf**ker the anthem." He also straight-up called the stations who put that track on the no-play list "hoes."

While Nipsey's sentiment can be understood, there's obviously some potential financial loss at stake if a radio station who is supposed to be catering to a wide audience plays a song with lyrics as polarizing as YG's on "F**k Donald Trump." On the other hand, there's this feeling that free speech, from the artist, projected outward into the public sphere, is being hindered by not playing any material that can be deemed controversial. In the sensitive times that we live in, there's no telling how far those boundaries may shrink during Trump's time as President, so it's only natural to empathize with this call to action, at least in part. There has been no official response to Nipsey Hussle's comments, from both YG or Clear Channel, the latter of whom Nipsey called out directly in the video. It's a rant that will surely get some replays in the days to come.