Nipsey Hussle has Twitter up in arms today, after he responded to an offensive tweet, seemingly agreeing with the sentiment. The tweet in question was "Blacc females are a disgrace to blacc culture," to which Nipsey replied with "I can't retweet that but LMAO TRU shit."

Regardless of the lack of retweet (and its subsequent deletion), Nip was called out for his denouncement of black women. Since the conversation opened, the rapper has explained that the tweet he replied to was a joke, though in bad taste, and that he takes responsibility for his actions. 

"Wrong is wrong and I'll take responsibility and apologize to all my black women that were offended by it," adding, "The comment I responded to was in pour taste PEROID [sic] but especially with the most recent issues happening to our women."

His apology continued on for quite a while, with Nip stressing that the reasoning for his explanantion was not a PR move, but a sincere apology to black women. Read his full speech below.