Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake made headlines with their halftime show during the 2004 Superbowl. Although the incident happened over a decade ago, many people still remember the scandal. 

Many fans were upset about how Jackson bore most of the weight of the intense criticism that ensued. Some people felt that Timberlake should do something in order to make it up to his friend and restore balance.

An opportunity did arise when JT was offered this year's halftime show during the same event that disintegrated his relationship with Janet. Inviting her to take part in the event might have been a way to officially make amends in a public manner. Rumors of this move had popped up last winter as people anticipated his performance.

The rumors may have been valid after all. Janet Jackson was asked whether the possibility of her performing with her old collaborator at the time bore any truth.

"We wanted to know, was there ever a chance of – we’ve read so much press – that you were gonna appear at the Super Bowl Halftime with Justin Timberlake? Was that all just fake and made up – or was there ever a conversation?"

The singer gave a slightly enigmatic answer: "I'll just say this: there was a conversation."