The thanksgiving weekend, also known as black Friday, cyber Monday and the two days in between, is a huge moneymaking period for every company, even though the prices of products are slashed by so much (a fact which serves to underscore just how absurd many mark-up prices are). One company that did exceedingly well this past weekend was Nintendo. Their current console, the Switch, drove Nintendo to a weekend that aw them sell $250 million worth of product. To put the scale of this into context, Nintendo sold a quarter of a billion dollars worth of hardware and software in one weekend. That is some serious weight.

Although the people at Nintendo are likely sitting in their offices in Japan and giving thanks for the fact that an American holiday that is meant to celebrate the harvest, the land and the foundational myths of the country has become an excuse to go to the mall and buy video games. The sales of the Switch over the last weekend have surpassed even the Wii in the same period when it was the au courant console, which is no small deal considering how much of a frenzy there was around the Wii and it's promises of video games and exercise. 

Even though they've been doing big numbers, Nintendo's stock hasn't exactly been on fire. The company is expecting that to change with the release of the latest instalment in one of their go-to franchises, Super Smash Bros: Ultimate.