We don’t report on video games all that often, but when a new console is in the works we can’t leave y’all hanging. Nintendo has been teasing the release of the Nintendo Switch for some time now, and just revealed a bunch of information on the upcoming sequel to the Nintendo Wii U.

The Nintendo Switch can operate as either a handheld device or be docked and hooked up to a standard television via HDMI. The 6.2-inch handheld device boasts a 720p touch-screen display. The console comes with a measly 32GB of memory, but storage can be expanded with MicroSD cards. The game cartridges Nintendo was first associated with are back too, albeit in a much smaller size.

As a handheld, the console will only get 2.5-6 hours of battery life on a charge, but uses a universal USB-C charger which should help dampen the concerns over such a short battery life.

The biggest reveal? The console is less than two months away from launching. It will release worldwide on March 3 with a new Legend of Zelda game. Retail is a relatively affordable $299.99.

Are you going to be getting it? Watch a trailer for the Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild below.

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