Nintendo needed to make up some ground after fans were left aghast following the announcement of Luigi's death. The iconic accomplice to Mario was killed off in the latest trailer for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the latest Nintendo offering in the series. The death was later confirmed to be a "canon"m plot development in the enduring Mario Bros. Universe.

To make up for the gaping hole left by Luigi's omission in the game and the parallel Nintendo Universe, the game developers are offering 4 new playable character for the upcoming launch.  Castlevania's Simon Belmont and Richter Belmont, Donkey Kong's King K. Rool, and Metroid's Dark Samus will all make their debuts in the Super Smash Bros franchise. Players will also be given the chance to morph into a 2nd character mid-battle.

Nintendo will also introduce several new stages, bringing the tally to 103, a stark difference from the 42 offered in the 3DS and Wii U versions. A Squad Strike mode will allow players to do battle in 5 vs 5 or 3 vs 3 formats, and as always all game play options can be enjoyed on-the-go.  

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is scheduled to hit store on December 7th just in time for the holidays season.