Nino Bless - Circle Circle Thot Thot

  September 03, 2014 19:23
Circle Circle Thot Thot
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Nino Bless shares the hilariously-titled "Circle Circle Thot Thot."

Remember cooties shots? I don't know how they did it at your respective elementary schools, but at mine, girls (who probably were just looking for an excuse to touch boys) would administer these "shots" by tracing their fingers on your arm in the shape of circles and dots and saying "circle, circle, dot, dot, now you have a cooties shot." 

This seems to be what Nino Bless is parodying in the title of his new song, "Circle Circle Thot Thot." Released on SoundCloud with the additional warning "Don't get clapped acting like a Thot Pocket," the song tells a cautionary tale that all of us (elementary school age or not) could benefit from hearing. 

Quotable Lyrics:

That's 40 shots, that's 40 yo
I sip the 40 instead of pouring it for you, hoe
I cast bars for a movie with my crew and I
Circle circle thot thot, my bitch gotta booty shot

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