Ninja Blevins is the most famous streamer in the world. On New Year's Eve, Ninja will be streaming from Twitch to millions of viewers. The streaming countdown will broadcast Ninja doing his thing in Fortnite, but not everyone is excited about the event. Twitch has been advertising their event on the channels of other gamers. The event is run by Twitch, and those gamers are also using the platform, so at the end of the day, they are subjected to whatever Twitch wants to advertise on their own site. If Twitch says Ninja's NYE stream is important enough to roll out ads all over their platform, there's little anyone can do about it. 

Still, gamers took to Twitter to fire shots at Twitch. "Dear @Twitch, get these ugly looking New Years Eve ad rolls off my page. Don’t ever do it again either. Ever," tweeted one user. "I work hard for every viewers I get and that doesn't even top 10 sometimes, how am I going to grow if people go watch @ninja instead my stream because of the ad? Riddle me this @Twitch," tweeted another angered user. 

Ninja tweeted and then deleted a response where he claims a dislike for him is triggering their anger, and not the ads themselves. “This event is going to be broadcasted to millions of people and continue to grant exposure to Twitch, which in turn allows other streamers to gain more viewers,” he stated. “What’s not to like? Or is it just because it’s me?”