We all know that Nikki Bella and John Cena have broken up, but the moments leading up to their split are still hazy. After their breakup, details about the dynamics of their relationship became exposed. It was apparent that Cena had pushed Nikki away because he didn't want to have children. Their wedding was canceled and we thought the couple was done for good. As time progressed, Cena decided to change his mind about having children, and the couple was spotted back together again. Sometimes they're just friends, other times Nikki hints about the wedding still being on. The on-again-off-again relationship must have been taking a toll on Nikki. 

On this week's episode of Total Bellas, Nikki opens up to her sister Brie Bella about how exhausted she is with the relationship.  "I wish it could be different," she reveals. "I have had almost six years of working on us and fighting and taking in a lot, and I just feel like I've hit a point where I'm just so exhausted and done." 

"He's waiting for my final decision, which I think I know it but I'm afraid to say it," Nikki tells her sister. "Why are you afraid to say it?" Brie responds. "Because I just don't want to hurt him. It's just hard when you love someone so much and care for them so much, but you just can't do it anymore," Nikki answers. "It's not his fault, it's not my fault. We've had this amazing love story and its just come to an end."