Nikki Bella and John Cena have rekindled their relationship, effectively moving forward with their forthcoming nuptials. 

During a sneak peek of Sunday night's upcoming episode of Total Bellas, the WWE Diva ponders who will walk her down the aisle during her wedding. "If you have mom walking down the aisle she should be in a cute tux, like a women's style tux," suggests twin sister Brie. However, her grandmother believes that their brother, JJ Garcia, is the obvious choice.

Nikki admits that she remains indecisive, stating how "I've just been thinking a lot about it." 

"Mom and I were talking and just, like, you were going to have me walk you down the aisle, then you picked your dad. She kind of got a little bit of attitude," Brie reveals. "I'm just saying it would make mom super happy. Like, it would make her life."

Nikki then asserts how the "emotional decision" is ultimately hers to make. 

During a flashback, Cena gives his opinion on who his fiancé should choose, stating "your sister. I know traditionally it is the father, but I guess I don't think traditionally, Like, that one person is giving away another person. Like, how sh**ty is that?"