Even though Nikki Bella has been gazing into her crystal ball, predicting that her next relationship will be with "another wrestler or someone famous," she is also apparently not over John Cena yet. 

In the season premiere of her reality show, she sat down for a very reality-TV interview in front of an artificial fireplace and, between sobs, served up some sound-bite ready meditations on her love life and her ex. After clearing her old stuff out of the house she shared with Cena, she riffed on the image of a closing door: "I think that's the hardest part, when you just…you move out and you shut that door and you give someone your keys. It shuts the door to your heart, to that love and to the memories." It's only natural that Bella would pine for Cena, considering both her former pride in their engagement (see the ring-flaunting photo below) and that he's the official most-wished-for person on earth.

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Bella had much more to say on the subject, comparing it to death: "I don't want to compare it to death or divorce, but you're pretty much saying goodbye to something forever." Her final assessment, too, was grim: "single, 34, with no kids, trying to start over"