It's Black Friday, so if you're reading this, it means you probably have yet to make the Jumanji-esque foray into the mall. And while the notorious Black Friday tends to play out like a real life version of Dead Rising, the deals are undeniably on point, especially when it comes to shoes and sportswear. Many of the key players are well aware that people are eager to drop some bills, and a whole variety of new sneakers are set to hit the market, beginning today. You can check out a comprehensive list of all the new sneaker drops by hitting the link below. In the mean time, Nike's has been going in with some sweet deals, and many have been eager to see what the brand has to offer on this delightful celebration of glorious materialism.

For one, if you're interested in doing your shopping online, you can hit up the Nike website and head to the Sales section, where all the Black Friday deals can be found. For example, The Kyrie 3's (available in 3 colors) have been marked down from $120 to $89.97. You can also find some nice sportswear as well, including dope windbreakers, hoodies, and track apparel. Jordans and LeBron's signature shoe have also undergone some serious markdowns, so be sure to check out the website now if you're thinking of copping some new gear.

The website is advertising 25% off on select sale merchandise, if you enter the promo code EPIC25 at checkout. Remember, that only works on items in the Sale Section. So, if you're looking to do some shopping from the comfort of your own home, don't miss out on some great deals from one of the game's most popular brands. Happy hunting, and try not to go viral for any dubious Wal Mart activity.