Back in 2010, Nike SB came out with the Dunk High "Skunk" which was meant as a way to celebrate 420 and all of the weed smokers out there. Well, ten years later, it appears as though Nike SB is bringing back the 420 theme but with a twist. Yes, that's right, the Nike SB Dunk High "420" is set to release on April 20th and it looks like a shoe that is every stoner's dream.

As you can see by the photos supplied by J23App, the shoe has a purple suede upper with textures reminiscent of the green upper on the "Skunk" model. Meanwhile, the Nike swoosh is green to help provide some contrast and continue forward with the 420 motifs.

You can even see a skunk on the insole which helps fans harken back to the "Skunk" colorway from ten years ago. Based on all of these elements, it's clear that this shoe will be the perfect collector's item for all of the sneakerheads out there, even if you're not a huge participant in 420 festivities.

Stay tuned for updates on this shoe as we will be sure to bring you all of the latest information. Also, let us know what you think in the comments below.