Nike is in the midst of releasing their "12 Soles" Collection which has already featured the "Space Jam" Air Jordan 11s and more, but there's still one "mystery sneaker" that will be arriving on Christmas Day.

Nike hasn't given any hints about what this mystery sneaker could be, only stating that the shoe will drop at a random time today, December 25th. 

Because of the NBA's full slate of games on Christmas Day, many are assuming this mystery sneaker will be a basketball shoe but there's no telling what Nike has up their sleeves. The Nike LeBron 14 has yet to be revealed but I highly doubt they would randomly release that sneaker without a proper unveiling.

It could be a rare, limited edition shoe, the return of a timeless classic, another Christmas-inspired basketball shoe, or an exclusive Dunk. Or none of the above. 

Let us know what you think it will be.