LeBron James is in the 17th season of his NBA career and he continues to dominate and put up numbers that are indicative of a player who should be considered as the NBA's MVP. Throughout those 17 seasons, he has dropped 17 signature sneakers with Nike and they have all made their mark on sneaker culture. Perhaps his first great sneaker was the LeBron 3 which was released all the way back in 2005. There were some pretty incredible PE's including the Fairfax High School-inspired model of the same name, and as it turns out, this colorway will be released to the masses.

According to @soleheatonfeet, the Nike LeBron 3 "Fairfax" is going to be making its triumphant debut on store shelves either in December of this year or early on in 2021. The shoe is covered in red and white patent leather which gives it a nice overall glow. It's one of those colorways that look flashy out on the court and if it was good enough for LeBron, it is certainly good enough for you.


For now, an official release date has yet to be determined so stay tuned for any updates and let us know in the comments below what you think.