As a nod to Kobe Bryant's love for the game of soccer, Nike has typically released "Mambacurial" colorways of The Black Mamba's signature sneakers, all of which are decked out in eye-catching shades of pink. 

This year's "Mambacurial" Nike Kobe 11 is the craziest of all though, featuring a wild, all-over pattern taking cues from a number of different Mambacurial sneakers throughout the years. The result is a shoe that most closely resembles one of the "What The" mashup colorways. 

Nearly every color under the sun has been strewn throughout this Kobe 11, which makes for a truly "love it" or "hate it" sneaker. 

If you're digging the look, you can snag a pair of the "Mambacurial" Nike Kobe 11 on September 15th- the kicks will retail for the standard price of $160.