When people use the term vintage, it’s almost always in a positive light. So when we say these sneakers are vintage, we aren’t referring to their clunky silhouette or functionless strap. We’re referring to the golden (and vintage) era of hoops that was the early 1990s, when the Dream Team ruled the court and this Nike Air Force 180 first released.

The 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro are on the horizon, and Nike is retroing the Nike Air Force 180 “Olympic,” most commonly associated with Charles Barkley and the Dream Team in 1992. Thankfully, Nike is keeping everything intact for this retro, from the perfect balance of white, navy, gold and red to the high cut and mix of materials. Note, the photos above are of an earlier retro of the shoe. No photos of the upcoming retro are available at the moment.

The Nike Air Force 180 “Olympic” will drop on July 7 at select Nike Sportswear retailers. Hit up your local boutique to make sure they’ll be stocking these retros.