Whether you like them or not, there is no denying just how big and important Foamposites are to sneaker culture. It's a shoe few can pull off but when you do, it usually comes together quite nicely. There have been some pretty big Foamposite models over the years with Nike holding back on the design updates. It appears as though this time around though, Nike is playing around with the overall aesthetic of the Foamposite as they are looking to give it a dazzling snakeskin upper. 

Thanks to some brand new images courtesy of Instagram user @foamlicious, we have some pretty interesting in-hand photos of what this release is going to look like. The upper is comprised of black and white snakeskin, while the rest of the shoe is made up of the normal Foamposite materials. The outsole of the shoe is red, while the tongue is dressed in black. Meanwhile, red highlights go down the middle of the tongue. 

According to the Instagram post, this sneaker will be dropping on April 15th, 2019 for $220 USD. At this time, the given release date is only a rumor so stay tuned for an official update from Nike.

Will you be copping this brand new Foamposite model or is the snakeskin too much for you?