These days, if a rapper wants to build hype, all he has to do is fire off a single Tweet. Such is life for young Ottawa artist Night Lovell, who has garnered acclaim for his moody and ominous brand of new age hip-hop. While we appropriately dubbed him as "On The Come Up," it's fair to say that Lovell's time is nigh; his best work is almost certainly still ahead. And while he has yet to breakthrough with a truly ubiquitous album, it would appear he's on the right track, seeing as he's already enlisted the service of two kindred spirits.

Fellow denizens of the dark $crim and Ruby Da Cherry, better known as $uicideboy$, are no strangers to crafting dark bangers. While they've amassed a respectable collection of vintage Three 6 Mafia inspired horror trap, the duo recently joined forces with Juicy J to deliver one of his strongest projects in recent memory. When it comes to blending eerie horrorcore soundscapes with contemporary trap vibes, the $uicideboy$ are among the game's most accomplished purveyors. 

Now, Lovell has made it official. The Canadian rapper took to Twitter to announce the arrival of an upcoming collaboration with $uicideboy$, which is dropping, and I quote, "soonish as fuck." Perhaps this marks the first steps of a greater album rollout. Either way, we'll take it.