"This shit is the hardest for me to tell you. GOODNIGHT LOVELL the album won't be out on Januaray 25th. I'm just as fucking pissed off, if not more pissed off than all of you. You know I keep my word and always keep you guys as my first priority. This situation was COMPLETELY OUT OF MY HANDS. THIS ALBUM IS DONE. I WAS READY TO GIVE IT TO YOU, THEN I WAS BLINDSIDED."

The implication, of course, being that label politics have once again reared their head. For whatever reason, the powers that be decided that Lovell's project was better suited to drop in February, perhaps allowing room for a single to amass momentum. In any case, it's clear that Lovell's regrets are sincere, and given his heartfelt message it's likely that his fans will understand.

Image via HNHH

On that note, he continues, diving a little deeper into the tumultuous behind-the-scenes process. "I wish there wasn't ever anything in between us but sometimes shit gets in the way. It's fucking stupid. It's been over 2 fucking years since I gave you guys a full project. I know you are hungry. Right now you guys have to tune in with me because I know that YOU KNOW this shit is coming. These dreams and nightmares. I love you guys because you are a cult fanbase and stick with me everywhere I go. That's why I actually CARE."

Still, the news is not all bleak. Lovell promises a month of content to come, leading up to the new release date of February 22nd. "I'm not letting anyone fuck this shit up," he concludes. We believe him.