Night Lovell is one of the best kept secrets in the rap game. If you know, you know. The Ottawa-born rapper was ahead of the curve when it comes to Soundcloud rappers popping off, and he did it with a certain amount of discreetness and style. He's become an underground favourite across the world -- from Russia to Canada, and as fans know, it's been over two years since his last project (!). Thus, when Lovell shared on social media over the weekend that his new album is at least on the way (no proper release date as of yet), it was met with the appropriate amount of excitement-- almost 1,000 comments and 50,000 Likes.

The new album is titled Good Night Lovell, the rapper revealed, and it'll be here as soon as it's ready. That makes sense. On Instagram, he wrote that this project is for the day 1 fans (which is most of his fanbase, one might argue), and that it's going to be a "dark story" (again, we sort of expect that as day 1 fans). He echoed this on twitter, writing, "NEW ALBUM, WHENEVER ITS READY." If you missed out on Lovell's earlier releases, namely, Red Teenage Melody, it's not too late: check out the project here.

Although we haven't received a full-length release from Lovell since 2016, he has given us, sparingly, a few loose cuts, including a collaboration with fellow underground darlings $uicide Boy$, "Joan of Arc."

By a show of hands, who is excited for Night Lovell's imminent return? Get more familiar by watching our On the Come Up episode with Lovell below.