With the way 50 Cent unashamedly picks apart celebrities on social media, one would expect that when his name is mentioned, it's followed with a grimace. However, Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger had nothing but nice things to say about the rapper who she says gave her words of encouragement many years ago.

On the most recent episode of LADYGANG, Scherzinger was put to the test. She was told to share the first thing that popped into her head when she heard the name of one of the men that she's collaborated with in the past. When asked about T.I., who she worked with on her singer "Whatever U Like," Scherzinger and all the women just said the word "hot," but with Fiddy, she said the words, "bad b***h." 

Myunggu Han/Getty Images

"Can I tell you why? When I did my music video 'Right There' with him, he's just always trying to lift me up and empower me and he's like, 'I want you to remember…You that bad bitch.' And  I was like, 'I'm...that bad...b***h?' I didn't quite grasp it at first but he was basically saying don't ever forget who you are and you're the baddest b***h in the game."

Then, in the spirit of 50 Cent, the ladies held hands, looked each other in the eyes, and repeated, "You that bad b***h." Back in 2011, Scherzinger and 50 had a hit with "Right There"; the song was declared certified gold and is Scherzinger's most successful US single as a solo artist to date.