Earlier this summer, Nicole Murphy was in all the headlines after she snuck a passionate kiss with director Antoine Fuqua, who is married to Lela Rochon. Gossipers referred to Murphy as a homewrecker and others tried to figure out exactly what happened. The model issued an apology for the incident, claiming that Fuqua is a "family friend" and noting that the photograph of them smooching only shows a simple peck. Murphy also defended herself on Wendy Williams' talk show yesterday, saying that she wishes she had made a better judgment call, but social media wasn't exactly buying her explanation of the whole thing.

Some fans believe that things would have just blown over if Nicole Murphy tried forgetting about the kiss but now that she's brought it back up again, talks have intensified. Despite Murphy expressing regret, the general public is still not satisfied with her. "She KNOWINGLY kissed that married man," said one commenter after pointing out how the actress was speaking in circles. Another noted that she may have apologized for her actions but that it doesn't seem as though she has any remorse.

What do you make of this situation? Do you think Nicole Murphy should be blamed? And why isn't Antoine Fuqua also getting dragged? Did he not kiss somebody that wasn't his wife? Just sayin'.