When the Coronavirus pandemic first started all the way back in March, people throughout the world were looking for some kind of entertainment to keep them occupied during the lockdown. Of course, Netflix was a premier destination for this kind of entertainment and they were able to immediately deliver with the fascinating docuseries called Tiger King which followed the insane life of Joe Exotic. The show immediately became a pop culture phenomenon, even if the hype eventually died soon after.

For the past few months, reports have been circulating that Nicolas Cage would be playing Exotic in a brand new TV series. While very few details have been reported about the project, it appears as though it will officially be happening. According to Cnet, the show has been picked up by Amazon, who will produce the series.

Nicolas Cage

Rich Fury/Getty Images

As it stands, there is no information on when the series will debut. Nothing has been filmed and it's safe to assume that there are still plenty of logistics to figure out before anything can get started.

With this show on the horizon, be sure to stay tuned for any updates as we will bring you all of the latest information. Let us know if you plan on watching, in the comments below.