While Nicki Minaj's recent interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 Radio has the internet abuzz right now, there was one person who wasn't too impressed with the whole thing: Joe Budden.

Joe Budden took to Twitter to voice his displeasure with the interview, writing simply, "Yo get Zane Lowe the fuck outta here."

While Joe might be better known for his inflammatory statements more so than his music nowadays, he has interviewed quite a few rappers, and he could have good reason as to why he's calling out Zane. Joe has so far neglected to expand on his thoughts any further, but with how dramatic Nicki's statements have been, it could be any number of reasons. Joe and Zane have two very different styles of interviewing, with Joe's in-your-face aggressiveness contrasted with Zane's more mellow acceptance. Perhaps Joe didn't think that Zane pushed back on Nicki enough when she was telling some of her more controversial anecdotes.

Nicki recently reignited the feud between her and Cardi B, after claiming that Cardi B didn't show her enough reverence when they both collaborated on the Migos' track, "Motorsport." She also claimed that Quavo refused to back her up when people online accused her of lying about the song's creation.

Whatever the reason, chances are we'll be hearing them soon. Joe followed up the tweet with a response to a fan asking for "emergency afterthoughts" on the whole debacle, to which he agreed. Expect some kind of statement from Joe in the very near future so we can understand this whole controversy from his perspective.