In a move that left Barbz worldwide in shambles, Nicki Minaj took to Twitter to drop a bomb of nuclear proportions: her imminent retirement. Citing familial ambitions as the primary catalyst for her decision, Nicki thanked her fans of their undying loyalty and essentially waved goodbye to the game. Though she claimed to regret her spontaneous method of delivery, all signs point to Nicki's decision being a permanent one - although, hip-hop retirements are seldom eternal, as Jay-Z fans are likely to attest. And while the Barbz certainly reacted with surprise, it would appear they weren't the only ones. 

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

According to a report from TMZ, Nicki's own team were caught off-guard by Minaj's sudden reveal, especially given that she still has music in the stash. Apparently, Nicki has been putting in studio work on the low, with alleged studio time booked until October. Of course, it's difficult to assess the truth of the matter, as it's entirely possible that Nicki was simply pushed to the edge by rampant trollery. After all, the public perception has indeed shifted, and many have openly lambasted the legendary emcee over a variety of different factors. 

Either way, Nicki will likely be clearing the air on Queen Radio, so we can look to the woman herself for further clarification. If it was indeed the hate that pushed her over the edge, we can only hope that Nicki finds a way to block out the social media noise and bounce back, revitalized. She's still appreciated out here.