Ever wondered what it would be like to slide into Nicki Minaj's DMs if you had the chance? Would you mess it up and take an L? Nicki can help you step your game up with her rules for texting. The rap diva took to Twitter to voice her dissatisfaction concerning text messaging. 

In short, Nicki's list of pet peeves includes people who text too much. If she texts you "ok," it means the discussion is over. And if you have the audacity to text her "kk" -- which a lot of people do these days -- you're done. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. She'll block you.

If you ever come at her with a string of one-liners that could have been summarized in a single paragraph, you're dead. Life is no Nintendo game with Nicki Minaj. She'll block you.

Follow these three rules and the sky's the limit with texting her -- if you have her number that is. Look for her sizzling track in the upcoming Valentine's Day extravaganza Fifty Shades Darker, out Friday in theaters near you.