Nicki Minaj's song "Roman Holiday" was never really a big hit. It is one of the songs that helped Nicki grow into one of the most inventive young rappers in the world though, giving her freedom to speak from different perspectives, taking on the role of Roman Zolanski, her gay male alter-ego. The song features Minaj developing her now signature stuttering technique in the second verse as Roman speaks about being forced into conversion therapy by his parents. The song was originally released in 2012 but seven years later, it's enjoying its strongest streaming month after it was transformed into a meme.

As reported by Genius, the song is experiencing a major resurgence. It has surged over 298% on streaming services, which was enough to earn its strongest ever sales week, and it's all because of a meme that's been going around. Minaj's stuttering started going viral last year before it became a full-blown meme with users writing in the caption, "Damn ma is it that serious." For some reason, Minaj's quick-paced aggressive bars go perfectly with jittery visuals of people frantically dancing.

The song has never been featured on the Billboard Hot 100 but it has a chance to creep onto future lists because of the renewed fan interest. Revisit the song below and peep some of the best memes above. Which one is your favourite?