The hype for Nicki Minaj's upcoming album Queen, is getting higher and higher as the weeks go on. While we already know a little bit about the album (for example, that the project will have 19 songs not including "Barbie Tingz"), more and more info seems to spring up every day.

According to the fine detectives at Hip-Hop N More, Nicki will be offering a special edition of the new Queen album, exclusive to Target stores and their website. The album pre-order is already available online, and it contains some interesting details. The most notable change from the original is that the album cover is completely different than the original. The most likely reason for this was probably because Target didn't feel comfortable offering a special edition of an album with a risqué cover like Queen, so they changed it to a plain, and frankly boring, alternate cover.

The second change is a noticeable sticker in the corner that says "Exclusive" and "+2 extra tracks." This will bring the total amount of songs on the album to 21, and perhaps for all the fans who were upset that "Barbie Tingz" is being left off the album; this could be the method in which she's decided to include it. So everyone who wants to hear these songs will have to make a trip to Target and buy a physical copy.

Nicki is truly going all out to push Queen and make it her biggest album yet. No word on whether the albums offered with the tickets to her tour will also contain the bonus songs.