If Glu Mobile's games for celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry are a predictor, Nicki Minaj is poised to make a fortune off her new mobile game "Nicki Minaj: The Empire."

The game offers the user in opportunity to follow in Minaj's footsteps to stardom. It begins in a humble Queens apartment, which the user has the opportunity to decorate. The most intriguing feature of the game is easily the opportunity to record original raps over custom beats that could reach the ears of Nicki Minaj and her team if they are popular enough. Through integration with Facebook, the user can create and style their own avatar and chat with others at virtual penthouses, skate parks, and clubs, including a club called "Truffle Butter." It's Club Penguin 2.0!

"You're getting to a play a game but you also get to learn about the business," Minaj says of the game. "I want everything to feel like reality." "Nicki Minaj: The Empire" is now available on iOS and Android.