Nicki Minaj has effectively stepped out of the spotlight again and, this time, it might be because she is rumored to have given birth to her baby.

For the last little while, Nicki has been inactive from social media. While, in this stage of her career, she tends to do so often to enjoy time with her family, people are convinced that this time is unlike the others.

The star recently revealed to the world that she's expecting her first baby. She has not revealed her baby's gender yet (Celina Powell might have leaked that information...) but, if the rumors are true, we may be finding out very soon.

Carol Maraj, Nicki's mother, posted a gorgeous shot of her daughter during a maternity shoot, which the rapper shared a couple of months ago. Her caption has people guessing whether Baby Minaj is already here.

"Thank you @david_lachapelle for capturing my heart on the outside," wrote the grandmother to be. "Onika has always been so nurturing, caring, loving, bold, beautiful, God-fearing, and selfless... motherhood already looks beautiful on you!"

The last part is what fans are basing their comments off of, with many coming through to ask if the baby has been born yet. 

"She had the baby y’all im crineee," wrote one excited Barb, echoing a sentiment that many voiced.

This is not a confirmation that Nicki is already nursing a newborn but it is pointing to that possibility. What do you think?