Nicki Minaj is being sued for breach of contract for an event that took place in 2011. An event promotion company called Cahuenga Inc. has submitted a second lawsuit to claim damages from the entertainer for her failure to complete her duties as their deal had stipulated. The company has failed to serve her the suit in person and most recently served her mother, Carol Maraj, instead. Cahuengathen petitioned for this service to be deemed valid in court. The judge, however, denied their motion.

 Mike Coppola/Getty Images

The legal authority stated, “The court has entertained previous application for the same or similar relief. It will entertain no more such application. The applicant has made no showing of diligence, no showing of necessity, and no showing of even cursory legal merit for the relief sought at this point.”

Cahuenga's had tried to justify their involving Carol Maraj by serving her the suit with the consideration of these previous attempts. They had claimed that their agents had “been regularly prevented from effectuating such service by Defendants bodyguards and personal security.” While Maraj is part of Nicki's circle, she has no legal responsibility or even authority to accept the documents she was handed. As such, Cahuenga may continue their attempts to contact the entertainer otherwise.