Are Nicki Minaj's fans making it hard to love the rapper? According to Jason Lee, the CEO of Hollywood Unlocked, the answer is "yes." Lee and the Barbz haven't had the easiest relationship, and during his recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Lee cleared up the rumors that he's anti-Minaj.

Charlamagne opened up the discussion by asking the former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star what his thought are about the rapper. "Let me say this, because I don't hate Nicki Minaj," Lee said. "I don't like her now...I don't hate her." DJ Envy pops in and says, "That's not what the Barbz say." Lee responds, "Let me say this...I love Nicki Minaj up to...even with the whole fighting Cardi and all that. That had nothing to do with me. I didn't care about that. What I had an issue with was when it became personal. My phone number getting leaked...I'll say this. Her fans make you not like her. That's the crazy part."

"Buy the records!" Lee continued. "Buy the tickets to the show. Buy her merch. Fund her career. Figure out how to get her trucks loaded up in London or wherever the f**k those shows getting canceled. Get her shows on. Don't worry about my Instagram." Envy said the Barbz are going to come for him after these statements air, and Lee smiled and said, "That's a terrorist group."

Last August, Lee "diagnosed" Minaj with having "jealousy, fear, and desperation” and following her public fight with Cardi B, Lee shared, and deleted, a series of Instagram posts slamming the rapper. He also stated that Cardi and Nicki's beef stemmed from an argument about a collaboration with Future. The Barbz go hard for their queen and soon Lee's personal information was leaked online.