Nicki Minaj is officially back and she's applying pressure on anybody that doubted her during her hiatus. As if her influence wasn't already crystal clear, it was reported that she single-handedly boosted Crocs sales by 4,900% last week after sporting the shoes during her comeback tour on Instagram. Following the re-release of her debut mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty a week ago, Nicki has continued to drop gems on the 'Gram, causing a tidal wave every time she posts a new picture online. 

The Queen has broken necks with her latest eye-catching thirst traps, getting all dolled up in a black bikini with Chanel accessories a few days ago. On Friday, Nicki shared yet another recent photo of herself for her millions of adoring fans, bringing back one of her favorite looks with chopsticks in her bun. She stood next to her Chanel throne and wore a stunning black dress with floral designs. The garment needed to be strapped on her sides, which her stylist did an amazing job with-- seriously, the dress fits her so well that it looks like it was painted on. 

This has proven to be a fan favorite look from the Queen, impressing her Barbz yet again with her effortless style and grace. 

Check out her latest look below and scroll through all of her recent posts.