Shiggy really made things awkward for Safaree one day ago. The residual effect is still being felt today. Shiggy, the "In my Feelings" sensation, has somehow become a regular partisan, brushing shoulders with everyone from Drake to Fabolous. But how did end up consorting with Safaree of all people?

Safaree was genuinely caught off guard when Shiggy peered over his shoulder. The much-maligned "rapper" was caught red handed, staring at photos of his ex Nicki Minaj on Instagram. Since then, Safaree has had a lot to ponder.

Though Safaree insists the song "Come See About Me" may not be written about him, it none-the-less struck a chord within him. His account of personal feelings making the rounds on Twitter, describes his sorry state after hearing "Come See About Me." Safaree admits, the song made him "cry like a b***h," altering his mood to an undistracted miserable state. He did however praise his ex-lover for writing a beautiful song.

What I find most interesting about Safaree's remarks is that "Come See About Me" is really not even remotely about him, it's about Nicki Minaj charting her path alone. It is theoretically a breakup song, and it is sentimental don't get me wrong. After dating for 12 years, I hope Safaree knows that Nicki will always reserve a place for him in her heart, even if they aren't on speaking terms.