Nicki Minaj made a triumphant return last week after months of silence. The Pinkprint rapper dropped two new singles which were received with much praise. Even Funk Flex, who has a history of shitting on Nicki, commended the Queens rapper for what she did on both tracks. Nicki recruited up-and-coming producer J. Reid to handle the beats on both track. J. Reid recently broke down how the songs came about and revealed some exclusive details about "Chun-Li."

Nicki Minaj apparently wrote and recorded "Chun-Li" a few days before its release, J. Reid says. In an interview with XXL, the producer revealed that Nicki "went in [the recording booth], started rapping, came out, arranged it, went back in, finished it." However, the interesting part is that it was done only a few days before she ended up releasing it.

"I ain't really say everything but I'm gonna give you the drop: You'll be very surprised to know that “Chun-Li” was done this weekend. The whole song, mixed, mastered, production, writing, finishing the record, everything done this past weekend." He said.

In addition, he also revealed that Nicki Minaj also "went crazy" when recording "Barbie Tingz."

"I played one beat, [then] I played the second beat and she was like, “Stop, pull it up, I'm about to go in.” I'm like, “This is crazy. Is she really finna go rap on my beat, like, freestyle?!” And went crazy." He said.

J. Reid's interview gave some insight information on Nicki's current creative mind state. He explained that she's hungry as ever and right now, she's clearly coming for everyone's jugular.