Barbz, be sure to clear your schedules for May 19th, as Nicki Minaj is promising something special for her upcoming musical performance for the season finale of Saturday Night Live

After making her triumphant return to music with two singles, "Barbie Tingz" and "Chun-Li", it was announced that Nicki would be performing on the SNL finale. One might expect that she would be performing the two singles she released already, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Instead, Nicki went on Twitter to confirm that she'll be performing a brand new song, her "fave" on the album, as well as a second track, which will likely be one of the two original singles. 

Seeing as she was in a giving mood, Nicki went on to provide some more info about the mystery track she'll be performing. When asked by a fan where on the album the song is place, Nicki says that it will be her album opener. 

Finally she gave up a bit more info on her upcoming tour which, according to her, you wont want to miss. Nicki writes, "US first. Then ALL AROUND THE WORLD. BUT THERE’S another surprise you won’t know. Bwahaaahahaaaaaa. The ones at the tour will be elevated to Team Minaj ELITE. Yes, I’m leaning towards M&G’s. Only cuz my babies been so patient. But pls don’t hold me to it. Love, #ChunLi."

If your dream is to meet Nicki in person, it appears that this upcoming tour will be your best chance yet. As for the track, we'll have to wait until May to finally hear it live.