Nicki Minaj has been on a petty tip lately. Even though the rapper is busy on the grind, she's been making time to address her haters. A couple of days ago, she clapped back at comments aimed at her "stiff booty." The latest involves her new hairstyle. Apparently, someone complimented her new "mullet" in an extravagant manner and told the artist to google "Joe Dirt." This research suggestion came after Nicki showed some ignorance about the hairstyle, claiming that it couldn't be a mullet since her style has "too much hair in the back." Now we all know these compliments were full of shade considering the reference to "Joe Dirt", who is a movie character played by David Spade. In response, Nicki took a somewhat highroad by using her sarcasm in a recent Instagram post. In the clip, she shows off her new hairstyle saying "I love my new mullet."

Here is a picture of the infamous Joe Dirt, for reference:

Of course, more important things are taking up space in Barbie's agenda. Her album, Queen, is set to drop in August. In her opinion, her upcoming LP is set to be the best album this year. The record is meant to hit hard with old-school boom-bap tracks while inspiring her fans to be conscious of their self-worth. To complement her solo efforts, Minaj recently hopped on a couple of tracks with Ariana Grande. First, there was their track "Bed", then the music video for "the light is coming."